Harvest Point Distributing

Shipping, Sales and Marketing for Big Smile Peaches. Big Smile Peaches are grown and packed by JW Yonce and Sons, Inc. located in Johnston, South Carolina. Picked fresh, packed Fresh, shipped fresh, delivered fresh. Consistent quality in every box…now that is something to smile about!

The Grower

J.W. Yonce & Sons has been a family owned and operated peach orchard since 1932. Generation after generation, their business has grown from a small peach orchard to one of the largest commercial operations in South Carolina, with more than 4300 acres. The farm uses state-of-the-art packing technology to consistently deliver over one million boxes of quality peaches each year. A tradition of over 80 years that you'll remember with each juicy bite.

J.W. Yonce & Sons Facility