Packing Process

Harvesting. Harvest Point and J.W. Yonce & Sons, Big Smile Peaches, has a personal direct relationship with its customers. Through direct communication from the farm to our customers, we are constantly inspecting our fruit to ensure that we are selecting a product that matches our customers’ specific needs. Once we determine the product that is right for our customer, we pick the peaches to prepare them for delivery.

Transportation. Once the peaches are harvested, they are immediately transported to the J.W. Yonce & Son’s state-of-the-art facility to prepare the peaches for cooling.

Hydrocooling Process. As soon as the peaches arrive to the facility, the hydrocooling process begins. During this process, temperatures are pulled down to 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit to wash and preserve the quality and freshness of the peach after harvest.

Prestaging. Once the peaches are at an optimal temperature for proper preservation, the fruit is sorted and selected to meet our customer’s specifications. The peaches will go through their final phase of washing, waxing, grading, and sorting. This stage of the process is overseen by an inspector to oversee stringent quality control.

PLU (Price Look-Up) Bar Coding. For those of our customer’s that would prefer to track their products’ pricing and inventory more easily, quickly, and accurately, we provide the option to add a double bar-coded PLU sticker to their ordered peaches.

Packaging. Once the peaches are graded, sized and inspected, they are ready for packaging. Peach temperatures remain at 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit to be available for purchase orders and ready to ship.

Shipping. Even in this final stage of the process, we ensure the cool chain is not broken. Prior to shipping, trucks are fully inspected to make sure they are clean and properly maintained. Once the truck passes inspection, the fruit is loaded onto the truck where temperatures are maintained throughout transit. With our temperature recording technology, cool temperatures are ensured throughout the entire process, up until delivery.